• Increased profitability

    Greater financial returns
    The LawAdvance Team has been improving law firm’s profitability for more than 20 years through improved decision making, information control systems and freeing up partners from operational management to focus on the key fundamentals of sourcing and completing legal work. A complete management model.

  • Recruitment and HR Services

    End-to-end recruitment and HR
    End-to-end recruitment services to reduce cost and maximise outcomes and productivity. Performance management. Policy and Contract review. Secondment opportunities.

  • IT that just works

    Improved quality for less cost
    Improved reliability and security with systems available when you need them. Reduced costs and enhanced quality of service delivery. Improved management of existing resources by applying proven methodologies.

  • Knowledge Management

    Precedents and knowledge resources
    Access to precedents, libraries and knowledge base. Greater access to resources. Reduced duplication and cost savings.

  • Training and Development

    CLE/CPD for soft and technical skills
    Soft skills training such as time management, negotiation and document drafting. IT training. Access to Continuous Legal Education Seminars.

  • Specialist Legal Expertise

    For complex / specialist matters
    Access to specialists for advice on complex /significant matters. Choice of direct access to provide advice / opinions, discussion forums, or referral.

Providing strategic and operational management services, LawAdvance focuses on the decision making process and information control systems for improved efficiencies and financial returns.

LawAdvance also provides opportunities for clients to access specialist legal expertise, best practice, training and knowledge services. These significant benefits enhance and advance the existing capabilities of the individual firm and can therefore assist in marketplace differentiation.

Uniquely, this can be achieved without impact on each member firm’s individuality and identity.

Whether you are a law firm who has recently merged, looking to merge, well established, in aggressive growth mode, or thinking about succession strategies, LawAdvance can assist to realise greater financial returns within your overall objectives.

LawAdvance – advancing the interests of Australian law firms and their clients.