LawAdvance  believe that all law firm decision making should be underpinned by a “firm first” philosophy in order to achieve the greatest results.

LawAdvance  also believe that regardless of a law firm’s pricing strategy, whether primarily fixed fee, hourly rate or any other structure, a law firm’s primary product in reality always comes back to time.

When time is more efficiently utilised through improved decision making and information control systems, there is an increased ability of the law firm to service clients rather than having time saturated with non billable internal operations.

An increased ability to focus on bringing in and servicing work, balanced by effective “firm first” management, has the direct result of improved margins and corresponding remuneration for stakeholders through better servicing of clients.

The LawAdvance  management philosophy also reduces the pressure to pass unnecessary costs on to clients to maintain satisfactory margins.  This in turn can create greater workflow and new opportunities from clients due to the increased value preposition.